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Hello Alan,

If your trees are spaced such that they can't travel from tree top to tree 
top you can wrap an aluminum sheet about 1 meter long around the tree. Bob 
Foncannon who had a commercial carpathian orchard in Michigan purchased (cheap) al. 
sheets from a printer that were used in the printing process. Mid summer he 
loosely nailed them around the trunks which provided a meter area where the 
tree rat couldn't get his climbing nails into. After harvest the sheets were 
removed and stored until the next season.  Every tree in his orchard was summer 

For those who would feed them hot lead: I use 22 CB shorts in a single shot 
rifle. CB shorts use a gun powder that that takes a smidgen longer to burn. 
Thus the report is low (4 neighbors within 300 meters each side, don't complain 
about hearing my shooting), muzzle speed is less (reducing distance of travel 
if I miss), and is lethal. 


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