[NAFEX] Jazz apple

Amanda Emily amanda.emily at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 17:34:19 EDT 2008

Jazz apple is a "club variety" and is controlled by ENZA and has grower 
agreements before trees are allowed to be obtained and planted.


Unfortunately all of us will have to wait until the variety is no longer 
under patent before it can be obtained for backyard growers.


Randall Burd wrote:
> Does anyone know if trees/scionwood of this variety is available 
> anywhere?
> It is really quite good (and as its own website www.jazzapple.com 
> <http://www.jazzapple.com>).
> [somehow there isn't a www.esopusspitzenberg.com 
> <http://www.esopusspitzenberg.com>]
> Randy

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