[NAFEX] grafting questions

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
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The apple rootstocks had little root (which I wasn't surprised at), and
when the tops died, and I dumped out the pots, the roots looked like
they hadn't done anything since planting.  My potting soil came from
Vermont Compost company (picked it up at the organic farming
conference).  The potted ones were in the shade on the north side of the
house, shaded from maybe 9am to 3 or 4pm.

Someone mentioned viruses in the scions.  I used scion wood from at
least 3 friends, from a person on this list, and from my own trees, and
I wouldn't have expected all of these to have the same kind of problem
transmitted through scionwood .



Thanks for any ideas.




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I got some rootstocks this year that had been undercut for summer
budding.  I don't know how there was enough root to keep the top alive.
Could it be that Jim's apple rootstock plants were big enough to push
growth, but too short on roots to keep going once it got hot and dry?
If they have enough roots and lose the graft, they should come up from
the roots.  To die completely -  "the roots looked pathetic" - do you
mean they looked sick and dead, or there was only a little bit of root?
Ohhhhh.... where did your potting soil come from?  Anything from under a
walnut tree or any old sawdust that might have come from a walnut?
We've talked about walnuts before here.    Donna

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