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I might add a note about Oregon's Himalaya blackberry. Back in the late 1950s we had a farm in Oregon with a big 'patch' of these berries. Relatives visited and were impressed with the "wild" blackberries. We shipped my uncle in central Texas a good start of these "wild" plants. We figured that they needed lots of water so he put them out in an area that was the overflow from a natural spring. It stayed moist to moderately wet all year. They thrived and he had lots of berries. They stayed in the area that received the spring water and did not grow out into other areas. As he aged, he decided that he did not want to pick them any more and diverted the overflow water away. They all died within a year or two.

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  Just cutting Himalaya blackberries stimulates them. As the mounds get old, the old dead canes shade the crowns and fewer new canes come out. Cut off the canes without doing anything to the crown and it will shoot up big, thick new canes larger than the ones removed. I've dug out crowns that were such large masses of wood they were big enough to saw up like wood.
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  On Apr 24, 2008, at 1:37 PM, Donna &/or Kieran wrote:

  My son made a tool from a circular sawblade, cut a notch in it and added a 
  handle to be fastened onto a long pole. He can reach it in under the vines 
  to cut them off at the base. He sent us one, but our native blackberries in 
  TN aren't as hard to deal with. Donna 


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