[NAFEX] Follow-up reply to grafting question

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Cummins is good.  I've shared bundles w/ other NAFEXrs, rootstocks shipped 1/2 way cross country and still grow fine.  

I'm puzzled by how the grafts could grow into whips and not die til June, if the problem was bad rootstock material.  I've seen potted trees w/ damaged/destroyed roots leaf out in the spring, but die pretty soon.  I think a better bet for trouble-shooting is to look at what happened on-site.

> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 07:39:11 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Follow-up reply to grafting question
> Thanks for the responses to my grafting questions. My rootstock came
> from Cummins Nursery in New York. My potted rootstock all died while
> still in the pots.
> This year I got some Bud 9 rootstock from Fedco, and will see how those
> do.
> Jim

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> Subject: [NAFEX] Follow-up reply to grafting question
> After reading James Erdman's posting again, I may have incorrectly
> assumed his trees in pots were later transplanted to the ground. That
> was
> probably not the case, as he did not mention doing that.
> Never the less, I feel the strongest suspect could be the root stock
> supplier.
> Although Raintree is a very reputable supplier, my Bud 9 rootstocks came
> from there, last year. I wonder if James got his from there, as well.
> This year I am trying a mix of Raintree and another small supplier, so
> I will be able to compare the two. It would be interesting to hear
> what kinds of varieties and rootstocks were used, and what kinds of
> grafts were made.
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