[NAFEX] relative vigor of grafting wood

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 06:03:05 EDT 2008

Lee Reich's puzzling statement that recent research puts the theory that
summer pruning is more dwarfing than dormant pruning on shaky ground
inspired me to google Dr. Ferree to find corroboration.  Not finding
anything supportive I have to assume that Lee was talking about the dwarfing
affect on a single shoot, not the total tree, but I should probably wait to
here from Lee.

What I did stumble on that might be of interest to NAFEX grafters is a
statement Ferree made in one of his articles that an annual shoot has buds
of varying quality and those buds on the base third or so are incompletely
developed.  I've long been puzzled by the inconsistency of some of my
grafting projects where 2/3rds of the sites I do grafting I get almost 90%
success and another 3rd I'll get only 50%.  I wonder if it is related to
using wood with poorly developed buds.  Anyone out there with more info on
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