[NAFEX] grafting questions

Robert C. Mullins mullins at gaelicmysts.com
Mon Apr 21 20:54:56 EDT 2008

I don't know how this will go over but I have been researching Effective 
Microbes, or more importantly to you a little guy called Bacillus 
subtilis. This microbe is responsible for helping build great root 
systems and will make nutrients more readily absorb-able by the root 
hairs/feeder roots encouraging growth. You can get B. subtilis by 
googling the monster quite easily enough by the gallon for like $30 or 
something similar.

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> Hi Jim,
> I can understand to some extent those dying that were taken out of the 
> pots and planted. _But those in the shade that were grafted and had 
> put on new growth shouldn't have died._
> Now to complicate things I've planted bare root pawpaws in August with 
> good success which defies all rules of planting trees.
> When were they transplanted from the pots? Were the transplanted (and 
> potted) trees well watered and constantly? Could something else be in 
> play, such as a lawn service spraying herbicides? Neighboring farm 
> spraying Roundup? If either were the case you would have lost more 
> trees and shrubs. What did you water with? Fertigated? Spray insecticide?
> All of them were watered adequately—pots not flooded and also not 
> dried out. No neighbors within miles doing any kind of spraying. 
> Watered with rainwater from a rainbarrel. All of the apples grafted to 
> the same rootstock died. As I recall, the ones put in the ground were 
> transplanted in late May or early June, after they were showing good 
> growth. When I pulled up dead ones in the garden or emptied the pots, 
> the roots looked pathetic. My first thought was a rootstock problem, 
> but I don’t know much about that. This year I got rootstock from a 
> different source, and also have some seedling rootstock to graft, so 
> may be able to tell if any problems this year are related to rootstocks.
> Jim
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