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Hi Jim,

I can understand to some extent those dying that were taken out of the
pots and planted. But those in the shade that were grafted and had put
on new growth shouldn't have died. 

Now to complicate things I've planted bare root pawpaws in August with
good success which defies all rules of planting trees.  

When were they transplanted from the pots? Were the transplanted (and
potted) trees well watered and constantly? Could something else be in
play, such as a lawn service spraying herbicides? Neighboring farm
spraying Roundup? If either were the case you would have lost more trees
and shrubs. What did you water with? Fertigated? Spray insecticide? 

All of them were watered adequately-pots not flooded and also not dried
out.  No  neighbors within miles doing any kind of spraying.  Watered
with rainwater from a rainbarrel.   All of the apples grafted to the
same rootstock died.  As I recall, the ones put in the ground were
transplanted in late May or early June, after they were showing good
growth.  When I pulled up dead ones in the garden or emptied the pots,
the roots looked pathetic.  My first thought was a rootstock problem,
but I don't know much about that.   This year I got rootstock from a
different source, and also have some seedling rootstock to graft, so may
be able to tell if any problems this year are related to rootstocks.



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