[NAFEX] Post Grafting Care

sherwindu sherwindu at comcast.net
Sat Apr 19 15:02:21 EDT 2008

Last week I did several whip and tongue grafts of apple, pear, and plum and
them in small pots.   They are now on my patio under a canopy, where they get a
of morning and late day sun.  The temperatures here in a northern suburb of
have been in the low 70's to mid 40's for the past week.

Question I have is am I doing the right thing to optimize the callusing of the
union?   Are the temperatures correct to achieve proper callusing?  Would I be
better off taking the pots inside for a more uniform temperature of about 72
I am told that this callusing process takes about 10 days, and leaves should
start to
bud out on the scion by then.  Last year, I did the same process and had zero
on my grafts.  People told me that the rootstocks were not in great shape,
several of them died after their grafts failed.  Most of these rootstocks came
Raintree (Bud 9 for apples).  I have had some successes over the years with
onto rootstocks with whip and tongue.  Just lately, my takes have been very few,
none at all.  Perhaps, changing the conditions for callusing would help?  Some
I know keep the rootstocks as bare roots, until the scion buds out.  Is this a
suprerior technique?

                                Sherwin Dubren

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