[NAFEX] organic vs sensible

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 06:48:18 EDT 2008

I was an instigator to the previous round of this debate and I now realize
why some veterans of this site were annoyed with me for stirring up what to
them was a tired old contraversy.  Now I'm watching the same arguments go
round and round.  It doesn't really bother me because it's easy enough to
avoid the arguments and skip over postings that I know will not be
informative or interesting to me.

I do resent that chemical controls that I find useful are being taken away
from the home orchardist to be replaced by much more expensive and less
affective controls that are labeled only for commercial use.  Imidan is an
example where I need apply only twice a season and otherwise useless trees
become apple factories.  This substance may constitute some kind of
environmental hazard when applied to thousand acre orchards that shortly
after application have workers in the trees but I wonder if any research has
been done on the hazards of carefully spraying a few trees as I do on my

My wildlife finds my chemically protected fruit much more attractive than
that from neglected trees and my native pollinators are varied and extremely
numerous- I have provided plantings that provide them with nourishment
throughout the season.  My soil appears extremely alive with all manner of
teeming life.  I would happily volunteer my property for a study on the long
term affects of a low-spray schedule on the ecology of small orchard sites.

Comparing the thinking of an advocate of organic agriculture to a terrorist
is the reasoning of an Internet thug in my opinion.  The writer of that
posting ought to apologize to the list.  Than again, maybe not.  An
occasional tasteless comment does add a little spice to the list as long as
it doesn't become the norm.
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