[NAFEX] Spring

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Mon Apr 14 08:19:53 EDT 2008

Toni Pralle wrote:
Am I the only one who missed the memo that Spring would not arrive this 
year? If it snows ONE MORE TIME.........I'll be in a really bad mood!

    Hey, some of us love it.  I'm still making maple syrup.  The Silver 
Maple and the Red Maple have gone to bud-swell so I pulled all of those taps 
but the Sugar Maple and the Box Elder (Acer negundo) are still flowing. 
Today will probably be the last day for collecting sap because no freeze is 
expected tonight.  In a normal year I'd be done syruping a week earlier but 
this late Spring is wonderful; I love it.

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