[NAFEX] spring??

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Sun Apr 13 14:03:34 EDT 2008

Toni Pralle wrote:
Am I the only one who missed the memo that Spring would not arrive this year? If it snows ONE MORE TIME.........I'll be in a really bad mood!

Ditto here along the Illinois-Wisconsin border in Zone 4b.  It snowed yesterday, heavy sticky flakes, but they didn't accumulate, thankfully.  The snow pack (over 2 feet) finally melted, but since we've had torrential rains.  It runs off, because the ground hasn't fully thawed.  I managed to prune some of the fruit trees last weekend, but the weather hasn't cooperated yet for dormant oil-sulfur spray yet.
Doreen Howard, who is in a bad mood about the weather
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