[NAFEX] Codling Moth Control (Richard Moyer's)

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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You can also get replacement sticky bottoms for wing traps used with the
lures, which run about $3.25ish depending on source and quantity; or you can
certainly make your own.  You could buy a trap to use as a pattern, paint
some stickem on it, insert the lure, and make new traps as needed.  I've
made many traps for many pests.  Wing or triangle traps are ever so slightly
more difficult - but think of it as a craft, or while-watching-TV activity.

There have been a few mentions of two traps per tree; I think the number may
depend on planting density, tree size, degree of problem, and what other
controls are in place.  I'm not suggesting more; rather, I've been able to
use less.  

~ Stephen 

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> There is a pheromone twist tie mating disruptor that is a dual, codling
moth and oriental fruit moth that works quite well on both available at
Great Lakes IPM.

I didn't see that at the Great Lakes IPM, Dennis, but I did see that 
those kinds of things are sold in packages of 400 - and are far too 
expensive for a backyard grower. All of that pheromone stuff looks 
great, but it's clearly designed for commercial use. From my point of 
view, that's a shame, since I'm also severely limited in what kinds of 
sprays I can get.

Hmm,... those replacement lures are only a couple of bucks each. I 
wonder how well a homemade trap hung on each tree would work - not just 
as a indicator of activity, but as an alternative to spraying? Well, I 
might think about that next year. It might be worth trying.


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