[NAFEX] help with peach problem identification

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Looks like it may be peach scab.  The lesions look just like scab lesions on older stems.  On young, green stems it appears as more reddish brown lesions.  Check out the info at http://www.caf.wvu.edu/kearneysville/disease_descriptions/ompscab.html on scab to see if this fits.  ZHope this helps!

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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  I've got a small peach tree problem.  Every year I get these black lesions on some of the new peach shoots.  It only occurs on new peach shoots, and they seem to outgrow it over time.  When the shoots get bigger, the spots fade and eventually disappear.  

  I haven't paid enough attention, so I can't say for sure, but the black spots on the new shoots seem to get worse over winter.  I have a spray program for leaf curl and haven't seen any of leaf curl on these trees.  Similarly, I haven't seen any shot hole on the leaves.  Whatever this is doesn't kill the shoots completely, but does kill some of the leaf and flower buds.  It seems to be worse on trees that are having problems already.  For instance, the pictures of the diseased shoot below came from a small tree I over-watered last summer.  Vigorously growing trees don't have much problem with it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.




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