[NAFEX] What if?

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Sun Apr 6 22:52:08 EDT 2008

I'm just thinking.... What if, someday, I decided to move. What if I 
moved from here, in zone 3B, to northern Florida? Just for the sake of 
argument, let's say the Gainesville area in zone 8B.

What would I be trying to grow there? Here,  I have a good choice of 
apples, a few of the most hardy pears and some hardy plums.  I also try 
to grow apricots and I have tried to grow tart cherries, but there's not 
much else to choose from in the way of tree fruits.

So what about Gainesville? Too far north for  the really edible citrus 
fruits. Right? Maybe too far south for most apples. I would think any 
apples would have to be low chill varieties with pretty low quality? 
Maybe there are some warm growing plums that would be good. Is it still 
in the right range for peaches? How bad would the disease pressure be 
with such warm humid summers?

What other fruits might do well there?  (This is just a little fantasy 
I'm having as I watch the snow melt around here.)

Steve in the Adirondacks of northern NY

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