[NAFEX] [SPAM] Re: sea buckthorn

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Sat Apr 5 21:22:24 EDT 2008

I support the idea of planting good cultivars in preference to seedlings.

I don't have any plants, but I did buy some juice (lots of sediment), 
500 ml./17 fl. oz. for $25.99 CDN. It has a very medicinal taste. I'm 
finishing it off, very gradually, partly because I'm sure it's good for 
me, and partly so as not to waste all that money.

If the good tasting stuff has equal nutraceutical properties, I'm sure 
that once the customers get the idea that it can taste good, there will 
be no market for the bad-tasting stuff. It looks as if someone is making 
monay on it; I just hope that some of it is filtering down to the growers.

Given the cost of health care and the likely future of government 
finances, it might not be a bad personal investment for those who have 
the space.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

John S wrote:
> I am growing the variety Sunny from One Green World that just starting 
> fruiting for me last year.  The fruit were probably about 4 times the 
> size of an unnamed variety that I also have. (1/2 in or more long, unto 
> 1/4" diameter typical size for Sunny last year).
> Sunny is sweet and not noticeably acid for me.  I consumed the fruit 
> fresh, straight from the bush.  The flavor is similar to passion fruit 
> juice that I've had from commercial sources but if I get enough to 
> juice, I would probably mix with orange juice to make more acid.  My 
> reaction to Sunny's fruiting will be to try a couple more of their (OGW) 
> named ones.
> I would strongly recommend a named variety rather than generic seed for 
> this one if your purpose is fruit, because of the difference in berry 
> size (and taste) between the unnamed bush and the named one.  They are 
> also attractive bushes.  I do agree with the comment regarding potential 
> invasiveness.  All three of my bushes have started significant suckering 
> but this is not a problem for me here.
> I am just getting some experience with sea buckthorn, even though I've 
> had the unnamed variety for about a decade.  It is only recently that 
> they have started to produce anything.
> John
> */Ernest Plutko <ernestplutko at wiktel.com>/* wrote:
>     Anyone have experience growing sea buckthorn? Is the juice good? I
>     bought 30 seeds.

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