[NAFEX] Move trees or start all over again?

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Fri Apr 4 13:58:13 EDT 2008

Personally my decision to dig or leave would depend on a couple of factors.

1.  Is the planting area ready already?  I wouldn't dig up trees to move and
then plant them into pots for a year or more.  

2.  Are the trees in question special for some reason?  Unique variety or
perhaps sentimental value (my son helped me plant this)

3.  At least your choice of rootstock means you will likely have fewer
digging problems, but that same rootstock could also mean more difficulty in
keeping the plant sufficiently hydrated.

4. when are you planning on doing this? Nurseries tend to ship trees dormant
for a reason.  If you try this after the trees have leafed out, you're
likely going to risk losing any advantage you might gain by planting trees a
couple years older than ones you could order next year.

I certainly would try and move at least one (assuming #1 isn't a problem) so
that when you look out you'll have a keepsake of the old house (I bled for a
rosebush my wife just couldn't part with when we moved, though when it
attracted every japanese beetle and defoliated from disease she was none too
broken up with letting me remove it).

I'm pretty much just playing Devil's Advocate here.

Scott H
Michigan 6b

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To all,

I have informed the buyer using all the needed official legal documents that
I will be moving the trees. 

The advice that I need: is it better to dig up and move 2-3 yr old trees or
start from scratch?


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>On Apr 4, 2008, at 7:42 AM, Randall Burd wrote:
>> I am moving from NJ to MD at the end of June. My backyard orchard
>> includes
>> eight apple trees on M9 and B9. I got the trees from a catalog nursery 
>> in
>> both 2006 or 2007. None are so large that I cannot dig them up. My 
>> plan for
>> my new orchard will include around 15-20 trees eventually.
>> My question: dig 'em up and move then or leave them here in NJ to the
>> fate
>> of an indifferent new homeowner?
>> Thanks.
>> Randy
. . .
>I don't know what the real estate law is in NJ, but it may well state
>that plantings in the ground are part of the place unless specified 
>otherwise. . .

I know that plantings are included as part of the property unless 
explicitly excluded in MA.  I also know of several cases where the sales 
documents explicitly stated that such-and-such a bush was excluded from the 
sale, or the seller would take divisions from the hosta collection within 
such-and-so a timeframe of the sale.

So there's no problem doing this so long as you get your realtor to write 
it up clearly.

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