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Hélène Dessureault interverbis at videotron.ca
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Small seeds are sprinkled on top, otherwise seeds are usually planted 3 times their width in depth. Impatiens are big seeds. I soak them in water and a seaweed mixture overnight, and plant them in 3 times their width soiless mixture or a combination of 1 part sand, 1part peat moss and 1 part compost. Both petunias and impatiens are easy varieties to germinate. Some catalogues have symbols to indicate the degree of difficulty involved, along with other information such as annuals or perennials, light or shade, can be transplanted or need to be seeded in peat pots to plant directly, etc. As Doreen suggest, you can mist with water or, cover with a light plastic, such as store plastic dispensed for vegetables and fruits, or plastic used by the dry cleaner, single layer. It's easier and less trouble maybe that way. You just have to check morning and night to watch for germination. 
If you have to choose between less light and more warmth, choose less light during germination. Once cotyledons (the false leaves) have appeared, them move them to more light and less warmth.

Hélène, zone 3-4, where the only joy these days are indoors.
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  OK-so if you're growing petunias from seed, before germination, should they be under lights or under complete dark?  I've heard both.  How about Impatiens?  Thanks.  Jerry in southern Indiana

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