[NAFEX] European pear jam

Martha L. Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 10 13:39:06 EDT 2007

Re European pear Jam and other things

I have made pear cardamon, pear lemon ginger, pear vanilla jam and preserves.  I like the cardamon one but many like the ginger. I have canned pear halves with almond & lemon and with a cinnamon stick and with ginger.  My favorite is the almond version, but many people like cinnamon.  I have also done chopped or diced pears with ones with more insect damage.  I usually do the almond and lemon with that. It is nice with yogurt.  The pear crisp with cardamon and coriander and lemon worked well. The pear ginger wine made from Asian pears that I tasted was really good.  You might get your hands on the Jam Lady Cookbook.  It is written by a woman in the Califonia rare fruit growers.  She writes a cooking collumn for their magazine the Fruit Grower.  She divides her time between Illinois and Florida I believe.  She works with a lot of different kinds of fruit temperate and tropical and for any one fruit there are usually several variations of things you might do with it.


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