[NAFEX] correction-drought w NY

Dianne Stephany iluvdanc at rochester.rr.com
Wed Sep 5 08:17:46 EDT 2007

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I wrote a message in August that we were in a drought and were 2.5 inches short for the summer. I need to correct this - we were 2.5 inches short for August. At the end of August we were short more that 7 inches.  July had the most rain and was only 0.54 inches short; April and June more than 2 inches short each; May short about an inch.

The weather forcaster said this was the least amount of rain since 1956.  I bet the correction will make more sense. This is the first year that I have paid much attention to rainfall, except for things like holidays, painting and travel days.   My friends up in the Erie penninsula of Canada have said they are in a drought also.

Dianne Stephany, zone 5, western NY 

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