[NAFEX] Advice re spindly apple cultivar

ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN hartmansfruit at msn.com
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My first guess is that Linda is a tip bearing apple variety and sets it's fruit at the end of the branches.  I will send you a PDF file separately that tells you how to prune a tip bearer.  Basically you summer prune early to mid season in the summer and then the fruit buds form closer in.  Take a look at the PDF file and see what you think.  It says the PDF file is not to be duplicated so am not sending to the main list.  You can find it by going to google and typing in pruning tip bearing apple trees.

As far as pruning what you have left.  At least prune back any split branches so you have a clean cut and prune it for shaping.

Western Washington
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  I have a couple of trees, grafted 4 years ago on Ottawa-3 rootstock, variety "Linda".  
  (This is actually a Canadian introduction, developed at the research station in 
  Ottawa.  I got scions quite simply because my wife's name is Linda, and I liked the 
  idea of having a tree named after her.)  They have grown well, and fruited heavily 
  this year.  I thinned them, but I guess the fruit is still fairly heavy. Several branches 
  have snapped off under the weight of the fruit, and in a moderate wind the other day 
  the leaders of both trees also snapped off.  I have supports under those branches 
  which have survived, but now I need to know 1) what did I do wrong?  (Should I 
  have heavily pruned back all the branches - and the leaders - each year?)  2) To 
  salvage what I have left should I now cut everything back?

  I have some 50 varieties of apple, and this is the only one which has done this.  
  Would be most grateful for the advice of the "graybeards" with more experience 
  than I.
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