[NAFEX] {NAFEX] varmints and netting

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
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We started out putting netting directly on the trees,  but in a couple
of  weeks branches had grown into the netting and it was almost
impossible to remove the netting without damaging it and the tree.
Also, the blankety-blank robins still got lots of cherries.

Putting it on and taking it off were both more difficult, and the
netting needed lots of repairs.




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If you put the netting right on the cherry trees, it pulls the branches
down so they don't grow up. This really helps keep the trees shorter and
rounder. It only takes a few weeks to freeze the branchs in the down
position. The only problem we have had with this is crows will land on
the top and pick cherries through the net, but they cannot reach very
far down (but they have broken some branches).


Eric White

Plum Hill Farm


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