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For me, it has always been Blue Jays. They peck holes in the top of my
apples. They used to love Mount Royal plums. (My Mount Royal plum is
gone now. It died after several good years of production.) I bought one
of the cheap black plastic bird nets and covered the tree. As the tree
got bigger, the net really only covered the top. The sides were wide
open but, for some reason, it still worked. I would sometimes see a
Blue Jay sitting on a lower limb looking up into the tree but it would
not fly up into the tree with that net covering the top.



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>From time to time a bird will get caught in the netting.? I always find them after the fact, and they are always robins.? Forgive me, but I feel no remorse from the occasional death of these varmint thieves.? My parents have a few cherry trees and almost never get a
 cherry because the robins are at them before they ripen.
Anyone care to comment about which birds are the worst offenders in your area?


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