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Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
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Although it is very dated, Tukey's book, Dwarf Fruit Trees, had a good
summary of the compatability of peach on various dwarfing rootstocks,
including P. besseyi, P. tomentosa, plum and cherry.  It may well not
have info on some of the clonal rootstocks that have been developed or
selected more recently. -- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.

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	Sounds like what you want out of P. americana is a homozygous
seed line that is 
	true for peach grafting.  If you can find it then keep your
americana seed line 
	isolated.  If you find it works in most cases and not all then
think about grafting in 
	the first leaf instead.  I can't remember the exact book I read
this or where it was 
	done but I do know Nanking plum (tomentosa) was tried as peach
dwarfing stock 
	and the results were mostly failures after a few years growing.
When micro-grafted 
	up in the first leaf there was improvement because 50% lived
long term.  The 
	mechanism responsible for better takes was never identified but
I have always 
	wondered about this.  I think it is called mentoring, the power
of seedlings to say for 
	example rejuvenate adult phase scions back to again a juvenile
and again ready to 
	root state.  They took adult eucaliptus and every year they took
the tip growth of the 
	adult wood b ack to a one year seedling for whip grafting.  It
was only after 6 years 
	complete youth was re-established.
	Rupert, PNW zone7-8

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		From: john bunker <jbunker at gwi.net> 
		> Doug et al., 
		> Bailey's Nursery in St Paul suggested using P
americana with peach. They 
		> have had good experience. For us it is definitely in
the experimental 
		> stage. We're very much open to other suggestions. We
have experimented 
		> with a number of peach rootstocks. Most of what we've
gotten has been junk. 
		> It's very useful to hear other experiences. 
		> Thanks 
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