[NAFEX] Cornus Kousa revisit

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Thu Nov 29 08:03:20 EST 2007

    The species you saw in the arboretum  was most likely Cornus angustata. The evergreen Chinese dogwood. Capitata is a Himalayan sp. which only thrives in the pacific northwest. Too hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter in the southeast. Angustata will defoliate in a hard zone 7 winter.
   Regarding Milkyway. Milkyway comes from 15 selected seedlings that were originally selected from a block of thousands of seedlings. 15 made the cut. Since they are all seedlings its possible that all milkyways wont display the same traits.Some fruit may be better than others......
    Don SHadow , in the book, Dogwoods, which he co-authored with Paul Cappiello states that the Kousa variety 'Propzam' or Prophet is as sweet tasting as any on the Market.He is an excellent plantsman who has tasted thousands of fruits over the years.

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