[NAFEX] Fairfax strawberry

Diane Whitehead voltaire at islandnet.com
Wed Nov 28 16:04:37 EST 2007

  Lon J. Rombough wrote:
   Leave a strawberry for two years and it will usually have been  
crowded out by weeds or will die from disease.

Mine didn't die out or get crowded by weeds, but I didn't manage to  
keep them organized.  I planted several kinds of strawberries a fair  
distance apart, but over the years they put out runners which put out  
more runners and on and on until they got all mixed up.

Lon is quite right about strawberries needing care to keep  
identified.  I now have an allotment plot, and I planted only one kind  
of strawberry on it.

Diane Whitehead

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