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John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 23:22:20 EST 2007

  My experience with kousa is somewhat different than yours.  I've tried the fruit of several different trees, two "standard" kousa and one "Big Apple" which I grow.  The fruits of all three have a mealy consistency.  However, the part that I eat is the clear jell around the seeds themselves, discarding most of the pithy fruit with the skin.  Since the fruits only have a few seeds, there is not much to eat this way.  However, the taste of the gel around the seeds is aromatic and excellent when eaten separately from the rest of the fruit.  It would be nice to see some development of kousa.  I have seen 2" fruit at a local nursery, but my Big Apple has never come close to that.  Good luck with your trials.

rob hamilton <lostman_amiga at yahoo.com> wrote:
  hey gang,

For those who have tasted the fruit of these trees you know they are really are marginal fruits at best, but can be an interesting nibble.  The ones I I have tasted are usually mildly sweet, very mealy, many small seeds with a mild bitter after taste. I always thought that with a little work these could be made more interesting, but after looking around and talking to a guy who does some breeding, he knows of no one working on fruit taste.

That all being said, I went of a tour of a garden in Akin, SC during the Southeastern Citrus Expo.  We came up on a Kousa dogwood that didnt look different than any other one, but it had a different taste.  The guy who gave the tour from Woodlanders nursery said that this was a and evergreen dogwood (I have never heard of this(?)).The tree had a label at the base but it was not for the tree.The fruits were not as sweet, but the texture was creamy with out any after taste with larger and fewer seeds. Similar to a bland pawpaw. The other your followed in my tasting of the fruits were not impressed, but I was..not so much for the taste, but that it suggested a possibility...maybe there i some real diversity out there in the quality of the fruit. I little sweetness and more size, the fruit would have been quite tasty. The production was good. the tree is attractive. I didnt notice any pest on the fruit of leaves. I dont know if I would ever breed some myself, but, I would like
 to collect (at least info on) some tasty ones if there were any out there.

I stuff a few seeds in pocket. If I was thinking more should have grabbed a few more fruit as well. I have just planted the seeds that I have.

I was wondering if anyone had had some kousa fruit that were particularly tasty and any varieties I should look out for?


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