[NAFEX] Pear on Seedling Apples

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These apple seedlings just came up in the garden. I sheet compost. Translation: kitchen waste is slung into the garden area willy nilly, never buried. Not all fruit seeds sprout, but there are more apple whips, plum whips, and quinces also, than I can deal with. I thought it would be interesting to put some pear varieties on apple stocks. I have heard that certain pears can bridge apple and pear, but not sure whether they are talking proximal to apple (pear being the stock) or distal to apple (pear being the scion).

I have a few OldHome x Farmingdale 513 treelets that need to be grafted. Would something with Old Home in it be compatible as a bridge between apple and pear? Wishful thinking perhaps?

Thanks Mr. Pittman, I will look into those apples for a bridge.

Kenneth Q.

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This isn't an answer to your question, but how do you get apple seeds 
to grow, or peach, plum and other fruit seeds?

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