[NAFEX] woven bird netting

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 18:49:16 EST 2007

For anyone interested in looking at woven bird netting this is a note I sent
to Jim Fruth when he asked me about sources.

If you google treessentials bird netting, several sources for their "woven
netting" will appear.  Last time I purchased it I bounced all around the
internet and finally found a source that had 30' wide 700' long rolls for
under $500.  Unfortunately I got the good price because the source couldn't
sell them.  The main market for woven netting in this country so far is wine
vineyards so the easiest thing to find is the about 15' wide rolls.  For
semi-dwarfs that means sewing them together.  Actually one of my clients
found 20' wide rolls which when sewn together after cutting to a 40' length
is perfect for an average mature semi-dwarf tree. No frame needed, just
throw over the tree and tie to the trunk.

The salesman who sold me my roll suggested it was strong enough to deter
squirrels.  I soon discovered he meant well fed squirrels.

As far as what birds will fly into monofillament you won't really know until
there is a bad drought.
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