[NAFEX] Frost Protection

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun Nov 25 10:34:10 EST 2007

    Back when I was a consultant to Kimberly-Clark, I shared greenhouse 
space with researchers who were achieving successes in frost protection. 
They sprayed tomato plants with ascorbic acid then subjected them to 
overnight freezes.  That's all I know about it because their vice president 
cancelled their funding because their project didn't fit within the 
guidelines of the company which is making (Kleenix) tissue, etc.  If anyone 
wants to continue the research, it is not proprietary information.

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Freeze damage is usually caused by ice crystals bursting cells or doing 
other damage.  I'm just wondering here if anyone knows of any serious 
research regarding absorbable sprays or soil amendments that could be taken 
up by plants to increase plant cell resistance to freeze damage?


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