[NAFEX] Varmints and netting

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun Nov 25 10:11:39 EST 2007

    Don't blame the Juncos.  They are ground feeding seed eaters.  Notice 
how they scratch the ground, then peck at seeds (usually weed seeds) they 
    One year I thought it would be cute to have them eat at my (sunflower 
seed) bird feeder.  A flock of them had been feeding on the ground under it 
for several days.  So I set the feeder on the ground  and, every day, I 
adjusted it up a little higher.  They seemed to be voracious eaters because 
the feeder was emptied every day.  By the time I got it to window level so I 
could watch them, I was appalled over what I had done.  The Juncos didn't 
know how to open the sunflower seed shells so they scratched them overboard 
looking for the shelled bits and the Chickadees were eating off the ground. 
I was wondering how the cats could catch so many Chickadees.

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I think the squirrels and chipmunks do more damage overall than any birds,
but the birds I snared in netting over my blueberries and currants were
mostly juncos.  Whether that's because they are the worst fruit-eaters or
just because they are dumb or have poor eyesight or are other wise prone to
snaring, I can't say.

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