[NAFEX] winter and trees in pots, Amanda's experience

Amanda Emily amanda at wa-geek.net
Sat Nov 24 18:17:33 EST 2007

Sorry I haven't replied back sooner, thanksgiving holiday and family 
showing up.

The barrels are sitting on a 3" deep bed of lava rock - it may or may 
not hold in heat from the day and distribute it at night.

Nighttime temps drop below 0 in late Dec-early Jan and climb into the 
teens during the day and it stays like that for 3-4 weeks.

A picture of William's Pride on M26 is here 

The view in this image is facing towards the southwest, the tree is 
around 6 1/2 - 7' tall, not including the barrel. The lavarock you see 
on the surface of the barrels was placed this year due to the neighbor's 
cats discovering and using it as a kitty-box. The tree I'll admit is a 
bit skimpy thanks to Bambi and her friends using it as a salad bar a few 
months ago.

Alan Haigh wrote:
> I wrote an article I recently submitted to Pomona titled True Lies in 
> Horticulture Fruit Growers Should Know About which is about how actual 
> experience in garden and orchard often contradicts the carefully 
> obtained results of horticultural research.  Of course research is 
> always based on a much narrower range of variables than what exists in 
> the outside world- nowhere is this more true than in horticulture.
> Now that you've tested the pots for escape roots I wonder if there are 
> other protective factors at work here such as the ability of that lava 
> rock to store heat and transmit it to the pots?  Are your cold periods 
> of very short duration where day temperatures quickly moderate the 
> extremes of the night so the cold doesn't have time to penetrate the 
> barrels?
> Where we get our worst winter damage from extreme weather is after 
> either sudden changes in late winter when trees are just becomming 
> active or after long periods of very cold weather with insufficient 
> snow cover to insulate the ground.  Two or three consecutive very cold 
> nights sandwiched between very cold days can do much more damage than 
> a single extremely cold night.
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