[NAFEX] Varmints and Netting

John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 24 10:34:32 EST 2007

The first year my goumi fruited, I watched the fruit develop with anticipation.  One night they were starting to color up and the next morning the bush was stripped bare.  The following year I netted the bush (hoop house with netting around it) and watched again.  No interest from the birds until one morning I looked out and found about 20 robins perched on the hoops and netting eyeing the fruit.  The robins around here are very persistent.  They are the number 1 varmints in depredating my small fruit.  The repeatedly charge at the netting and occasionally are able to dislodge it unless I am very careful and inspect regularly.
  From time to time a bird will get caught in the netting.  I always find them after the fact, and they are always robins.  Forgive me, but I feel no remorse from the occasional death of these varmint thieves.  My parents have a few cherry trees and almost never get a cherry because the robins are at them before they ripen.
  Anyone care to comment about which birds are the worst offenders in your area?

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