[NAFEX] Leaves?

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The poles reverse, like an electromagnet does when you reverse the flow of
current.  There is geologic evidence that the poles reverse on a regular
basis ~300 to ~400 thousand years.  Before the field reverses it would


I believe it is all tied to positive and negative field zones of either the
galactic or solar magnetic field, and it works exactly like an electro
magnet reversing poles as at passes through differently charged zones.  Just
a WAG.


It would be interesting to observe as modern man has never seen it.






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After hitting -9C last night, my cherry leaves are finally starting to drop.
Had at least 80% still on before the freeze. They will be all gone in a day
or so or with any wind.


Peaches had lost theirs a couple of weeks ago.


Apples are another thing. Yes, they did freeze last night, but I will only
lose 50% of the foliage. The rest of the leaves go haphazardly right into
February. The leaves used to be a pain when they dropped on my ice rink. The
sun warmed them up and caused some melted depressions.  Ditto for my pears. 


Wasn't it an earlier post by a NAFEXer that said the magnetic poles were
reversing? If the trees resond to magnetic sources, this might generate an
interesting effect.



Canadian Zone 6b just north of Toronto

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