[NAFEX] Raspberry Taste

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Fri Nov 23 11:00:20 EST 2007

    My fall bearing raspberries taste sweet right up to 22 degrees when they 
freeze beyond come-back.  My secret?  My soil gets tested every year and I 
apply whatever fertilizer the soils laboratory recommends.
    When the weatherman predicts an overnight low into the lower twenties, I 
pick all berries (including stems) that have expanded.  So long as the 
peduncle stays in the berry, they will ripen.  After a day or two, they 
ripen fully and taste as good as if they were just picked.

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Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
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Here in zone 6/5 Massachusetts, I have some Heritage plants.
To be honest, I neglect them during the year.
Usually they are a bit sour.
This year, I had some extra 10-10-10 so I chucked it in the general area of 
the raspberries.
They not only responded in plant vigor, but the berries actually tasted 
Could have been a coincidence.


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