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We have had quite a number of snakes caught in the bird netting where it
lies on the ground.  I think it may be that they start moving through
the holes, but can't back out when the thicker part of their bodies
comes along because the scales get caught in the plastic.  Seems to me
their scales  all face to the rear otherwise they could not move
forward.  Got several copperheads that way.  Hector Black, zone 6 middle

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 07:39:59 -0600, "Erdman, James"
<ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu> said:
> The only creatures that I have ever noticed caught in netting on our
> trees, berries, or vegetables have been toads and a garter snake.  Not
> sure quite how the snake got entangled, but I found it too late.
> Jim
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> > I haven't found any dead birds in my netting, but I've found one dead
> snake and found and rescued another only because the dog was barking at
> it.  I had to cut it out.
> What, the rattles get caught in the net?  :-)
> This summer, I found one dead robin in a net I'd thrown over a currant 
> bush. That taught me that I can't just let the excess netting lie on the
> ground. Next year, I'll try to tie up any extra netting into a neat 
> ball. And keep the rest of it fairly tight and smooth.
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