[NAFEX] grape netting

Erdman, James ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Fri Nov 23 08:39:59 EST 2007

The only creatures that I have ever noticed caught in netting on our
trees, berries, or vegetables have been toads and a garter snake.  Not
sure quite how the snake got entangled, but I found it too late.


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> I haven't found any dead birds in my netting, but I've found one dead
snake and found and rescued another only because the dog was barking at
it.  I had to cut it out.

What, the rattles get caught in the net?  :-)

This summer, I found one dead robin in a net I'd thrown over a currant 
bush. That taught me that I can't just let the excess netting lie on the

ground. Next year, I'll try to tie up any extra netting into a neat 
ball. And keep the rest of it fairly tight and smooth.


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