[NAFEX] looking for Mericourt and other pears

Karen Tillou arboretum at homeorchardsociety.org
Thu Nov 22 12:47:18 EST 2007

i have scions for winter nelis i could send you.  respond off-line if  
you are interested in trading.

On Nov 21, 2007, at 9:14 PM, Donna &/or Kieran wrote:

>  I've decided that since pears like our soil and apples don't, then  
> I'll just have to find pears that come in early and late and with  
> as much variation as possible.  I have some Europeans and some  
> Asians, some have cropped.  I have plenty of rootstocks, it seems a  
> shame to order trees but I might wind up doing it.   Variety and  
> nursery recommendations would be appreciated.  I know Seckel is  
> supposed to be high quality, but I have never really liked the  
> astingency of the skin on those few I've eaten.  On the other hand,  
> I guess that would be a plus for making wine.  I have seen some  
> incomplete lists of bloom times.  Late bloomers would be a good  
> idea.  I have these already:
> Twentieth Century     collected locally,  I really like this one
> Tenn                           ditto   very nice pear, though it  
> doesn't seem to keep long.  Does anyone know anything about it???
> Shinko
> Korean Giant
> Ayers                          bought tree this year
> Warren                       bought tree 12 years ago and it  
> finally bloomed just in time for the Big Easter Freeze
> probably Kieffer           local source
> Duchess                     one bud took this year
> Duchess Bronzee       ditto
> Magness                      one small branch
> I'd like:
> Mericourt - 1938 Tennessee introduction that sounds really good
> Winter Nelis
> Moonglow?   Is it really good?
> Thanks!    Donna
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