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It's an odor eliminator, Febreze.  It contains a cyclodextrin, which are
dexterous at odor removal, essentially corralling compounds we would detect
as stinky within their donut-like structure.  The odiferous compounds then
can't contact our receptors, so no smell.  

Insecticidal soap works pretty well, but only against soft-bodied things.
Aphids, for instance.  Might not be good for amphibians.  I wrote about
those here before, sometime...

Ah, well.  Just passing time while the last pie bakes.  The pies explore
common fruits, pie pumpkins and Granny Smith apples...

Happy Thanksgiving,

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My husband and I have been trying to figure out what Febreze is too.  With a

name like that we figured it was something for adding chemical smells to the

air.  I'm not surprised someone had a bad reaction to it, I probably would 
too.  When we were trapped in town for several years, I used to get really 
annoyed that it was legal and acceptable for our next door neighbor to fill 
our backyard with the smell of cheap perfume from his dryer, while it was 
illegal for me to make him put up with pig stink.
    I am surprised though at Alan's ignorance.  I thought soap was for 
getting the dirt off to go work on Monday morning.  I only recently 
discovered it kills bugs, but for me it only kills them when they happen to 
feel like dying.    Donna 

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