[NAFEX] Medlars as pest free fruit

Hector Black hblack1925 at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 21 22:44:17 EST 2007

Hi Lon,   We've had worms in the blossom end, sometimes almost half the
fruits are spoiled.  No sure which critter it is either, a whitish grub.
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  Hector Black zone 6 middle TN
On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 17:39:12 -0800, "Lon J. Rombough"
<lonrom at hevanet.com> said:
> In connection with the discussion on medlars a while back I've been 
> checking my own and those of a couple other sources and have noted that 
> around here in Oregon the fruits seem to be free of insect pests.  No 
> codling moth, no apple maggot or any other insect of pome fruits seems 
> to bother them.  That's probably related to the hard, astringent "non 
> bletted" flesh.  I'd like to hear from others growing medlars to know 
> if that holds true elsewhere.
> -Lon Rombough
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