[NAFEX] Tasty Japanese hybrid plums for hot and humid areas?

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Nov 20 15:13:59 EST 2007

Richard, I am growing many domestica plums and they seem to be  
working fine (besides taking a long time to fruit).  This last year I  
got many plums on my French prune and they were wonderful.  It is on  
the Japanese side I am looking for good plums, I like the tang of  
Japanese plums.  Methley is "the" plum for Maryland in terms of  
popularity and it clearly does very well but I have had a lot of  
mediocre tasting ones.  The Shiro I have is also not super  
impressive, those plums are a bit bland.  The best-tasting Japanese  
type I have found in this area is Superior.


> A question, have you tried any of the European (domestica) plums,  
> they seem
> to to well in the Northeast.
> Also, I understand that Methley has shown to be a good producer in  
> Maryland.
> Regards,
> Richard Ashton
> Oak Creek Orchard
> www.oakcreekorchard.com
> bwoodtx at verizon.net

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