[NAFEX] Tasty Japanese hybrid plums for hot and humid areas?

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Nov 20 10:58:41 EST 2007

I have been on a plum odyssey here.  I started off growing all the  
California Japanese plums and pluots in my Maryland climate, but I  
have not had much luck at all with them.  Shothole disease has been a  
big problem, as has been getting crops to set.  In particular I have  
had bad luck with Santa Rosa, Howard Miracle, Elephant Heart, and  
Wickson, and all pluots.  I have had good luck with some as well:  
Shiro and La Crescent have exhibited good disease resistance and good  
productivity.  These are crosses of Japanese and American plums and  
so I now feel that is the way to go, but I don't know what the best  
ones are.  I am trying Superior which I know others are having  good  
luck with in my climate, but no crops there yet.  I am not trying any  
of the Georgia or AU selections since I have not heard great comments  
on their flavor.  I take that back,  I have heard Rubysweet is very  
good and was going to try that one.  I am also trying the Spring  
Satin plumcot to see how that works.  And, I have heard that Crimson  
Beauty (another Byron, Georgia selection) is tasty but cannot find a  
source now.  I also plan to try Purple Heart and Gracious: based on  
my positive experience  with La Crescent and Superior, the cold-hardy  
plums appear to be good bets for me.  Comments from growers in hot,  
humid regions on any of the plums I have mentioned here, or other  
varieties you have had good luck with are greatly appreciated.


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