[NAFEX] looking for prunus scions...

Karen Tillou arboretum at homeorchardsociety.org
Tue Nov 20 11:34:18 EST 2007

i am trying to track down some plum, apricot and cherry scions for  
some spring grafting (i'm too impatient to wait for budding...):

plum - Black Bullace, French Damson, Liegel's Apricot (a plum i tried  
in england this fall), Drap d'Or d'Esperen, Monsieur Jaune,

asian plum - La Crescent, Catherine Bunnell, Gaviota, Toka

apricot - Blenheim, Moorpark

cherry - Emperor Francis, Compact Lambert, Queen Anne, Black  
Republican, Black Tartarian, Schmidt's Bigarreau

i have a pretty big apple and pear list to trade with, but my stone  
fruit got hit with big losses because of $%##$@ &!!&@^ shot hole  
borers, so i'm trying to rebuild (with improvements).

you can access the list at http://www.homeorchardsociety.org/ 
arboretum/ and click on the species list link in the text.
(it downloads as an MS excel file, and the inventory is on the second  
tab at the bottom of the page.)

i can cover postage, and would love to trade!

karen tillou
oregon city, OR - zone 8a and wet

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