[NAFEX] grape netting

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 06:30:08 EST 2007

The need for netting is one reason I don't bother much with grapes, on my
place I have just enough to forage a few bunches.  Cherries however are
another matter and I have found that woven propelyne netting is much easier
to deal with than the black mono-filament.  Even without a frame you can
throw this netting over fruit trees and remove it fairly easily if you wait
until just before the fruit is attractive and remove promptly after
harvest.  The birds can see it because it's white with three stripes running
through it to aid in positioning.  (I have no use for a harvest of bird
corpses.)  It is also much stronger than monofilament and with some repair
can be used for multi-seasons.  Midwest Vinyards is one source but it's hard
to find rolls wide enough for fruit trees without sewing 2 sections
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