[NAFEX] Febreze toxicity

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 17:39:03 EST 2007

The intent of my original mail was simply to see if anyone else had
noticed if Febreze appeared to mask insect pheromones, thus preventing
hordes of Asian lady beetles from calling each other to party inside
the house. I didn't spray it on the insects, just the door frame. Yes,
that means I didn't follow label directions.........

Proctor and Gamble has posted its MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
for Febreze on line.
Here's the link:

On my bottle, the first ingredient is the odor masker, then water, and
then perfume, next propellent, etc.  The ingredients are listed
euphemistically since Febreze's 'secret' is a trade secret.  THe
odor-masking compound is supposedly a cyclodextrin, a sugar-type
compound also used in foods. The propellent is supposed to be ethanol.

Febreze has an LD50 of >5,000, which means that in case of acute
exposure, it's considered 'virtually non-toxic' if ingested.
The toxicology statement lists no known carcinogenic effects, and no
known chronic effects.  OF course, an LD50 is not a complete list of
possible adverse effects.  But then, we're back to the issue of
reading and following directions.........

Michele Stanton
Disclaimer: Neither I nor anyone in my family works for P&G.

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