[NAFEX] Winter and trees in pots

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Sun Nov 18 00:39:13 EST 2007

I'd say yes, in the garage, close to the house wall if possible.

About 25 years ago a local nurseryman and sometime NAFEX member near 
here in the Niagara Peninsula in zone 7a with a historic winter low of 
probably minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, kept a number of small potted 
grafted nut trees in an unheated barn over winter before shipping them 
in the spring. Many did not grow, and his customers including me were 
annoyed. I have a notion that he may have put them on a wooden floor 
which allowed cold air access underneath. He doesn't do that anymore.

If you don't want to keep them in a garage you might dig them into your 
vegetable garden for the winter, with the soil level inside and outside 
the pots the same.

Sitting the pots on the soil, close together, and piling say leaves 
thickly over them with plastic to keep the leaves dry and insulating, 
might work, but then you would creating some nice mouse shelter.

Pots on top of the soil outdoors in areas where there is *reliable* 
*heavy* snow cover might work. You would depend on the snow cover and it 
gets less reliable every year. It is usuallt pretty sparse here now.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Randall Burd wrote:
> I have a variety of trees in large pots (e.g, apples on M27). I live in 
> zone 6 (New Jersey). In past years, I have brought my trees in the 
> garage to prevent freezing. It's a hassle and the cars don't like the 
> intruders.
> Do I really need to bring the trees inside?
> Thanks.

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