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I went out and tipped the barrels and there are no escapees. The barrels sit on a bed of lavarock that is in-between the sidewalk and the dirt driveway. I can tell you from persional experience in the first spring that I did this, if you don't have a hole or two in the vertical side of the planter to allow quick drainage as the ice thaws, you will end up with a muddy mess when the spring rains come. 

If you are going to try leaving them outdoors as an experiment, if I were you, I'd pick a single tree this winter as a guinea pig that doesn't have a large outlay of $$$ sunk into it and you wouldn't miss if it didn't make it. If you have them in plastic planters, I'd bring them in anyway since those pots have a tendency to crack in extreme cold if they are the cheapo "Italian-style" ones from Wal-Mart/Home Depot/Lowes.

I haven't experimented with M27 containerized in the winters here - just M26 and Bud9, so I can't offer any advise as to if they would survive or not.

If anyone is interested the varieties I am using for my little potted winter experiment are William's Pride, Winter Banana, Arkansas Black, and Richared Delicious.


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  Thanks for that, Amanda.  Seems half the time when I leave my reference of personal experience and quote from the memory of my book education I get it wrong.  I must say that I'm surprised those roots could survive from what I've read.  Are you sure that the root systems haven't largely left the pots for the more hospitable and warmer soil underneath? 

  Out here all the nurseries, mine included, throw large quantities of mulch against the sides of the pots and bags of our potted and b+b trees for insulatiion and I'm in a zone 6 where it rarely gets below -15 f.  This is a labor expensive process and I've never seen a nursery that doesn't do it for their fruit trees and just about everything else.  So I have to ask again, are you sure the bulk of your root systems are still in the barrels?  If you've saved me all this labor I'll be very grateful but before I risk any stock check and see if you can tip those pots without disrupting the rootsystems.  Thanks again. 


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