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Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 21:39:10 EST 2007

Thanks for that, Amanda.  Seems half the time when I leave my reference of
personal experience and quote from the memory of my book education I get it
wrong.  I must say that I'm surprised those roots could survive from
what I've read.  Are you sure that the root systems haven't largely left the
pots for the more hospitable and warmer soil underneath?

Out here all the nurseries, mine included, throw large quantities of mulch
against the sides of the pots and bags of our potted and b+b trees for
insulatiion and I'm in a zone 6 where it rarely gets below -15 f.  This is a
labor expensive process and I've never seen a nursery that doesn't do it for
their fruit trees and just about everything else.  So I have to ask again,
are you sure the bulk of your root systems are still in the barrels?  If
you've saved me all this labor I'll be very grateful but before I risk any
stock check and see if you can tip those pots without disrupting the
rootsystems.  Thanks again.
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