[NAFEX] Winter trees in pots

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 19:08:18 EST 2007

Those roots can be killed from temperatures not much lower than freezing,
I'm sure another member can be more specific about the exact temperature
range of that rootstock but I'm sure your winter is much too cold for its
survival unprotected..  The ground is a great insulator and roots haven't
developed the same hardening off strategies as the trunk and branches where
the cells limit their concentration of water to prevent rupturing and death
in extreme weather.  Actually I should probably leave that part of the
explanation to one of the professional academics on our list.

Insulated bottomless pots topped with an airy mulch are the best way to get
around this problem so the heat from the ground can modify extremes in the
pot.  You could cut back the roots every spring to keep the roots from
getting to far out of the pots.  If the pots are off the ground the
insulation will probably be inadequate and heating coils would be necessary.
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