[NAFEX] question for W. L. Rohrer

Jacquelyn Kuehn jakuehn at verizon.net
Sat Nov 17 14:10:07 EST 2007

W. L. Rohrer, a long-time NAFEXer from Wyoming, sent me an article for 
spring with the following question in it. I thought I'd ask the 
knowledgeable membership now, rather than making him wait for months 
for the answer. I'll send it on to him, since he has no computer:

"Lately since Bear Creek Nursery went out of business, I’ve been 
somewhat frustrated trying to find a source for small quantities of 
Ottawa 3 and Mark rootstock. Can you identify a source for me?"

Thanks so much, and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Jacquelyn A. Kuehn
Musician, writer

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